Airspeed Pty Ltd is an Australian company specialising in ‘Design + Build’ applications of composite materials for aerospace, maritime and energy-related projects.

Composite Pressure Vessels

Our design capabilities encompass all aspects of engineering design pertaining to composite materials including Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics and RF Transmissivity Analysis.

Our composites manufacturing capabilities include multi-axis filament winding, autoclaved, vacuum-bagged & oven-cured laminates and resin infusion using carbon, aramid and glass fibres.  For maritime structures, we often employ out-of-autoclave resin infusion to achieve the optimal balance of weight saving, strength and cost.

Airspeed Pty Ltd has considerable experience in the application of composite materials for submarines. This journey started with pressure vessels designed to AS/NZS 1200 and AS1210 utilising filament-wound composite materials to provide special-purpose stowage vessels.

Lightweight Replacement Structure

Airspeed Pty Ltd then designed and built lightweight replacement structures for submarines – typically using modern resin-infused composites to replace steel, reduce topside weight and improve transverse stability of the submarine.  One of our projects replaced a steel casing with a modern composite structure weighing just 38% of the original structure even designed to the same design loads, allowing significant mass to be returned to fixed ballast.

Research and Development Just one of many successful R&D tasks at Airspeed was the conceptual design of a fin for conventional submarine that implements an increased uptake of composite materials. A composite fin was found to be capable of withstanding the same design loads as a steel fin, employ a higher number of modular masts and still offer a weight saving of numerous tonnes, offering a significant opportunity for improvement in the transverse stability of the submarine.

For a summary of Airspeed’s capabilities please download our Airspeed Maritime Brochure 2019 Pacific Expo